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Hi! I'm Sam

I'm Sam Benskin, Head of Engineering, specialising in web apps with a passion for agile. I'm also a photographer in my spare time.

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How to Rewrite Git History Correctly

2 min read
Have you ever wanted to fix a problem with a git commit that wasn't the last one you wrote? Perhaps a colleague made a typo in a ticket reference, or a spelling error, or you simply want to reword an... continue reading

3 Reasons I'm Giving Story Points Another Chance

6 min read
In this article I analyse three problems I've had with story points, how I overcame these and became once more reconciled to story points as a measurement of effort. I think I can convince you too. ... continue reading

The Most Important Metric

4 min read
What is your single most important metric for your team? Is it new visitors? returning customers? new bookings? sales? margin? EBITDA? Perhaps it's something more specific like average percentage viewed... continue reading

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